About CJ

CJ is the co-owner of Medusa's Crown and the primary photographer. He has been capturing memories since 2014 and has an associates degree in Arts. He grew up in a small town near Normal, IL and also attended ISU, receiving his Bachelors Degree in 2019. 

I'm glad to meet you! Ever since I first started taking photos, I have been fascinated with how photography can provide an insight into someone's life with the flash of a camera. Everyone I have met is special in their own way. 

As for me, I figure I can tell you a bit about myself: I love video games and am currently rediscovering Skyrim. My favorite movie is the Matrix and I love the Marvel cinematic universe. Come talk to me about your favorite movies! 

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About Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah! I am a plant mom at heart. My favorite movie is The Mummy (1999) and I can quote nearly every scene while also reenacting the fighting scenes. I am a freelance writer and editor in my spare time.


I love everything wistful and magical, particularly shots that utilize natural phenomenon to enhance photos. 

Sarah grew up in McHenry, IL and attended IWU, receiving her Bachelors in English-Writing in 2019. 

Sarah is the assistant photographer for Medusa's Crown. If you contact us, Sarah is likely your first point of contact! She has been taking photos for 4 years alongside CJ and is always looking for new, adventurous projects. 


We're Dog People!

Pets are family, period.

We adopted our first dog Ella in 2018. Before that, both of us were raised with dogs that were a part of the family: a mastiff named Lucy, and a rat terrier named Oreo. Dogs are more than companions for us: they are always there for us and provide unconditional love.

We have experience posing dogs for photos through various volunteer photoshoots for local humane societies in Bloomington, and even a Whisker Wonderland event where pups took pictures with Santa! We love pets of all shapes and sizes and would love to meet yours. 

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